Here’s a selection of recent social media stats, taken from a range of sources, including Econsultancy’s Internet Advertising Statistics document, which forms part of the Internet Statistics Compendium, and other reports…

UK market size (IAB)

  • Advertising expenditure on the internet grew to £3,350m in 2008, a 17.1% like-for-like increase on 2007.
  • Total UK advertising spend (online & offline) fell by 3.5% in 2008 to £17.5bn.
  • The internet grew its share of advertising spend to 19.2% of total UK advertising expenditure,  up 3.7 % on 2007 (15.5%).

US market size

  • In the US, online advertising grew 10.6% in 2008 and was worth $23.4bn in total. (IAB Europe)
  • US spending on online advertising declined for the second quarter in a row, by 7% year over year, to $6.2bn from $6.6bn. (IDC)

European market (IAB Europe)

  • In 2008 the European online advertising market was worth €12.9bn, with a like-for-like growth rate compared to 2007 of 20%.
  • The top 10 markets in Europe account for 93% of the total value of the online advertising market.

Social media advertising (eMarketer via IAB)

  • Facebook is the social media site of choice for marketers, with 57% of companies in the Internet Retailer Top 500 having a presence on the portal.
  • 75% of these 500 companies firms advertise on at least one of the major social
    networking sites or social shopping sites.

Display ads (comScore)

  • The number of US web users who click on display ads has dropped by 50% since
    2007, and now equates to 16% of all US web users.
  • 32% of internet users clicked on at least one display ad during a month.
  • These ‘heavy clickers’ make up 6% of web users, and were responsible for 67% of click throughs.

Classified ads

  • Traffic to classifieds websites has grown 15% year on year. (Hitwise)
  • Online classified advertising continues to grow, and was up 22.2% to £715.2m in the year to April 2009, a share of 21.4% of UK online advertising spend. (IAB)