As you may have read recently, Australian businesses have been lagging behind their foreign counterparts when it comes to going online and using social media.

A staggering 62% of Aussie retailers don’t have a Facebook page, 54% don’t use Twitter and don’t plan to change this in the next year, and 72% have no interest in Pinterest, despite experimentation and uptake in other regions

The stats come from Experian’s Retail in Australia: Embracing the Digital Future report, which looks at the evolution of retail and where it is headed. Just this week the global information firm released an infographic that highlights some of the most prominent findings from the report.  

Particularly interesting finds include the revelation that 53% of Australian retailers don’t have an online channel and of the ones that do, only 49% see interaction with consumers via this medium as an important objective.

The top three Australian websites were also revealed to be pure-play online retailers, with eBay, and coming in first, second and third respectively, in terms of consumer visits during the month of August this year.