Just 18% of online retailers are measuring their website’s profits on a daily or weekly basis, while 16% are not bothering to review customer satisfaction, according to a survey of e-commerce directors. 

This is one of the findings of eCommera’s Trading Intelligence report, which surveyed 101 UK e-commerce directors, all from sites with an annual turnover of £3m or more. 

Some highlights from the survey after the jump…

Measurement of profitability

  • Regular measurement is crucial as it allows retailers to plan and react to opportunities, and to measure the effectiveness of marketing activity. However, just 18% are measuring on a daily or weekly basis. 
  • 42% evaluate profits on a monthly basis, 22% quarterly and 12% annually. Incredibly, 6% are not measuring this at all. 

Customer satisfaction

  • 16% of retailers don’t measure customer satisfaction levels at all, and are therefore missing out on some valuable insight from customers. 
  • 20% request feedback from shoppers after every interaction, 16% run regular post-purchase surveys, while 48% said they carry out regular surveys on their websites to assess customer experience. 

Measuring marketing profitabilty

  • Just 4% of respondents are able to look at fully allocated spend when assessing the profitability of marketing activity. 
  • 25% measure return on advertising spend, 40% review cost per customer acquisition(CPA) and 19% measure cost per order. 8% don’t analyse this metric at all.