The IMRG has predicted that the UK online sales boom will continue through Christmas into next year, with the internet driving sales of up to £42 billion in 2007, up from about £30 billion this year.

The prediction comes in the wake of the biggest ever month for online retail sales. A record £2.7 billion was spent online last month by UK shoppers, beating the record set last December.

This record is likely to be bettered in December, with online shopping for the month predicted to reach £3.5 billion.

IMRG Chief Executive James Roper puts this down to increased broadband penetration:

“It is huge. When people have broadband they shop online, it is as simple as that. And the supply side from retailers is really just starting.”

IMRG’s predictions are backed up by the rise in retail sales for October, announced by the Office of National Statistics, with a rise in online sales contributing to the overall figures.

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