Every blog needs a few images here and there to make posts more visually appealing, break up the text or illustrate the points you are making.

Here’s a selection of useful tools to help bloggers capture and edit screenshots of webpages…


Available for Windows users, SnagIt’s screen capture tool provides some excellent features for taking, organising and editing screenshots.

You can take a screenshot of an entire web page or select a section of the page to capture. The editing tools are very useful - as well as being able to crop and resize, you can add text bubbles and alter the edges of your shots.


It normally costs $49.95, but there is a free 30 day trial version available for download.


DashBlog is available as an add-on for users of Firefox, which allows you to add screenshots of web pages to blogs.

This free tool lets you quickly capture videos, images, text and screenshots from any web page and publish them to your blog. 

Having captured the image, the add on will publish the screenshot to your blog. At the moment this tool works with Twitter, WordPress, Tumbler and Blogger. 


At $79.99, FullShot is almost twice the price of the excellent SnagIt, and doesn’t quite match up.

It comes with some useful editing tools and effects to add to your screenshots, and the ability to take screenshots of webpages that are longer than your screen’s view.

However, it lacks some of the editing options and is generally less usable than SnagIt, with more effort required to use some of the features.


This is an easy to use screen capture tool, and even offers voice commands, as well as a range of capture options, from full screenshots to highlighted sections and particular images on the webpage.

However, HyperSnap lacks the range of editing options of some other tools, and the kind of special effects to add to images that SnagIt provides.

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