Thirty billion – that’s a lot of videos. In fact, it’s an all-time record for videos viewed online in the U.S., when online video views actually approached a number closer to 31 billion in November. With over 12 billion videos viewed, Google sites accounted for the lion’s share of all that goggling. Overall, more than 170 million viewers watched an average 182 videos each.

comscore video metrix november 2009

comScore Video Metrix, which released these figures, also found Hulu achieving new highs with 924 million video views. The average Hulu viewer watched 21.1 videos that, another record for the property. Google video viewers watched an impressive 94.7 videos each on average, however it’s notable that the overwhelming majority of these were on YouTube, which generally tends to feature much shorter clips.

top video ad networks nov 2009

Tremor Media was the top video ad network by reach in November, with a potential
reach of 85 million viewers, very close to half the total viewing
audience.’s Video Network ranked second with a potential
reach of 80 million viewers (47.1 percent penetration) followed by YuMe
Video Network with 73 million viewers (43.0 percent).