A question I’m often asked by clients is: how many people can I get from Facebook to my website?

However, this is the wrong question, since it`s not only the visitors that a Facebook page can generate, you have to focus on different areas.

When I was asked by one of our customers about what a Facebook Page should bring him, and how they should commit to it, I told them that opening a Facebook Page is like opening a flagship store, and a very busy one.

Facebook is a channel that`s big enough for marketers to focus on. I believe that more people spend time on Facebook then they spend shopping in general, so you have to get your store out there.

I don`t mean that you should immediately go and sell stuff on your Facebook page. Although Unilever, Asos, and others have launched their social media stores, that is not what I am trying to describe. 

When you do open a store you hire staff, decorate it and set it up, pay your monthly bills, measure your store results, have a store manager, and do the marketing for it. 

When you open a Facebook page, that is exactly what you have to do: have a social media manager managing it (internal or external), have it set-up (tabs, landing tab), measure it, design it, and obviously you want to do via marketing to drive customers to it. 

A Facebook page is a commitment that local brands with 50 000+ fans often forget they have. Some forget that store, and many don’t even publish news on it. Does this mean they have changed their social media agency, or that their budget ran out?

It can be like walking in an empty store. You open the page, and the last news is coming from December 2009, more than a year ago. This is not a good sign for companies. Companies should take their fans seriously, if there are 5 000, 50 000, or 5m. They should take care of their community on Facebook.

Another example is having tabs and presentation layers from early 2010, when tabs had different sizes. Some companies still have a Facebook page where they have these out-of-size tabs today.  

Evian Live Youn – G? – Is there a letter missing? No, Evian hasn’t updated the page for a few months…

We can see the level of commitment if we look at the top brands on Facebook, who by now are all managing their Facebook pages and branding them, except for Converse, which doesn’t even have a Facebook landing page.

The top brands on Facebook are really taking care of their pages. Four of the 10 have already upgraded to the new Facebook page layout (Red Bull, Disney, and Starbucks, Victoria Secret), which was rolled out on Thursday night, a great sign that some companies can really be flexible on social media. The dynamic approach is the right approach when it comes to marketing on Facebook. 

I hope companies will start taking their Facebook Pages more seriously, as not being in touch with your fans is the worst thing you can do.