OpenX became a player in the ad serving market by offering free and open-source versions of its ad serving technology.

But the online ad market is growing in sophistication, and larger advertisers are increasingly buying ads from a wider variety of sources, such as DSPs.

Yesterday, in a bid to compete head-on with ad serving companies like Doubleclick, OpenX announced OpenX Enterprise, a more robust ad serving solution designed for larger advertisers.

The paid offering, which counts Groupon, Orange-France Telecom Group and Excite Japan as early users, contains features not found in the company’s existing OpenX OnRamp and OpenX source offerings. These include real-time and IAB certified reporting, advanced segmentation features, behavioral targeting, conversion tracking and an uptime SLA. OpenX Enterprise also provides its users direct buying access to the OpenX Market, the company’s popular ad exchange.

A big goal behind  OpenX Enterprise is to give advertisers greater insight across channels and campaigns. It’s a trend that many companies are focusing in on and John Linden, OpenX’s CTO, explained to just how important it was to the creation of OpenX Enterprise:

Our system allows publishers in one unified ad decision to evaluate all their directly sold campaigns as well as hundreds of real-time bids from every major DSP and agency on each impression…We believe this unified ad decision is absolutely critical for publishers to fully maximize revenue with full transparency and total control of both their advertisers they are selling directly as well as all the advertisers available via the real-time bided ecosystem.

Interestingly, OpenX Enterprise is also seems to place a heavy emphasis on data, and contains a data management platform. As described in Econsultancy’s recently-published Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) Buyer’s Guide, data capability is one of the most valuable commodities in the new real-time bidding ecosystem.

Just which offerings win out in this space remains to be seen but needless to say, it’s good news for advertisers that companies like OpenX are building more sophisticated tools to meet the challenges of a more sophisticated ad market. The high level of competition will no doubt continue to help boost innovation.