The report, which is based on in-depth survey with 105 large social advertisers (i.e. they spend more than $100,000 per year on social media ads), found that consumer social networks were the most popular form of social advertising (87%), followed by microblogs (67%) and business-focused networks (51%).

And although all the respondents used paid social ads, overall they were more likely to implement organic tactics like branded pages and content no matter what type of social network they were targeting.

Which of the following marketing tactics do you use on social networks or microblogs or business-focused social networks?

Paid posts achieve the best results

Kenshoo asked 69 respondents who indicated that they are satisfied with their paid social media advertising what tactics they use. 

The tactic that satisfied social advertisers used more than other survey respondents was paying to promote content on general social networks, followed by paying to promote trends on microblogs and buying ads on general social networks.

As a result the authors conclude that social advertisers get what they paid for and are more satisfied with the results they achieve from paid advertising than the results they achieve with less costly organic tactics like branded pages.

Personally I feel this is a slightly dubious way of concluding that paid ads are more effective than organic content, however it does at least suggest that paid ads are proving to be effective for these brands.

Finally, the report also looked at which targeting methods are most popular among social advertisers.

It found that despite the benefits of the advanced targeting methods that social sites offer (e.g. targeting users’ interests, targeting friends of a brand’s existing fans), more often than not social advertisers rely on simple demographic targeting for their ad campaigns. 

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What types of targeting do you regularly use when buying ads or paying to promote content on social networks?