With rapidly changing market and competitive contexts, and growing impact of martech and customer service, the need for marketers to be on top of the latest thinking on how best to structure and optimize teams and resources has never been greater. This webinar will feature unmissable insights from Econsultancy’s new research into this ever-changing area, drawing on the latest thinking and best practice strategies around the following critical themes:

  • Marketing transformation- the real opportunities impacting how marketers are rethinking their approach to resourcing, and the key dynamics that are shaping organisational structures
  • The rise of product, it’s influence on marketing structures, and the new ‘holy trinity’ of capability
  • The talent challenge – key areas of demand growth in resourcing, and the looming talent time-bomb
  • The balance between specialist and generalist roles, and the trends in inhousing and outsourcing
  • Agile structures – how the latest thinking in agile resourcing is shaping radically new ways of structuring teams and organisations

This Webinar will be hosted by Neil Perkin, founder of Only Dead Fish and one of Econsultancy’s most experienced and thought-leading consultants.

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