Aristotle Onassis once said, ‘It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the weekly Econsultancy digital marketing stats round-up.’ 

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This week we’re covering London Fashion Week (which I was rather rudely not invited to), the psychology of colour, digital transformation, The Brit Awards, Mobile World Congress and much more.

Focus, people. This is a good one…

London Fashion Week: Topshop wins on Instagram 

In terms of social media engagement, Topshop, Burberry and Alexander McQueen dominate across the platforms, according to new figures from Fashion Monitor and Social Bakers

Topshop won the Instagram battle, with 1.95m interactions on its posts.

London Fashion Week social media stats

Alexander McQueen came out top on Facebook, with 8,061 interactions on its post, while Burberry had the best week on Twitter, with 39,706 interactions. 

Four in five retail digital transformation projects ‘a gamble’

Most retailers lack a clear strategy around digital transformation, according to a new report by Fujitsu. 

The study of more than 600 IT decision makers revealed that while retailers are under increasing pressure to digitise faster, three quarters admit to playing ‘digital catch-up’. 

Other key findings include:

  • Only one in three respondents agrees that digital priorities are fully aligned within their organisation.
  • Retail executives disagree about who is the digital driver – only a quarter believe it is the CEO.
  • One in three business leaders thinks they are already over-spending on digital projects.
  • Only one in four is ‘extremely confident’ in making the right choices.

65% of SMEs lose time and money by not using tech to its full potential

Almost two thirds of small to medium businesses in the UK are losing time and money because they are not using technology to its full potential, according to new figures from 123-reg.

Other key findings include:

  • 59% of SMEs waste up to 10 hours a week on administration tasks, taking time from activity that could increase revenue and growth.
  • 65% of SMEs admitted to using outdated Microsoft Office technology, decreasing productivity by not taking advantage of latest benefits.
  • Giving SMEs back two hours each week could boost the UK economy by almost £9bn.

85% say colour is primary reason for buying product

More than four fifths of consumers say a product’s colour is their primary reason for buying it, while 80% believe colour increases brand recognition, according to a new infographic by Axxon Media.

Click through and check out the infographic below for more stats:

psychology of colour infographic

Saudi Arabia most mobile country in the world

Mobile accounts for 62% of Saudi Arabian website visits, making it the most mobile nation on Earth, according to the latest Adobe Digital Index

Other key findings include:

  • Ireland tops Europe as most mobile with nearly half the share of visits.
  • Global average share of visits from mobile is over a third at 37%, YoY growth of 18%.
  • While smartphone usage continues to grow, tablet browsing is declining.

85% of consumers will abandon basket if site too difficult to navigate

The majority of people will abandon their online shopping basket if the website in question is too difficult to navigate, according to a new infographic by Approved Index. 

Click through to check out the Infographic below for more stats:

basket abandonment infographic

Mobile now key channel for car-related browsing and buying

When it comes to browsing and buying car-related products, consumers are increasingly turning to mobile, with the category recording 40 mobile searches per hour in the week following the March number plate change last year, according to new figures from eBay.  

With 2016’s March plate change looming, eBay says motor brands should prepare from a spike in car-related browsing and buying this weekend following a 24% surge during the same period last year. 

38% of marketers are missing out on revenue via transactional emails

Almost two fifths of marketers aren’t generating revenue from transactional emails, despite open rates for automated responsive emails being 25% higher than normal marketing emails, according to a new report by Mailjet. 

A further 20% of senior marketers don’t know if their automated response emails are generating revenue or not.

1.1m Brit Awards tweets in 2.5 hours

The Brit awards aired Wednesday night and sent social media into a frenzy, with almost 400,000 people composing 1.1m tweets between them, according to new data from Kantar Media. 

The biggest moments were when Adele won her Global Success Award (16,832 tweets), when tweeters were voting for their favourite music video using specific hashtags (16,047 tweets) and when Rihanna and Drake performed together (15,769 tweets).

65.3% of tweeters were women and 34.7% were men, and the iPhone was by far the most popular device with 64% of tweets vs. 15.1% for Android and 7.4% for iPad. 

LG most talked about brand at MWC 2016

LG received 44,482 mentions on Twitter during Mobile World Congress 2016, making it the most talked about brand on social during MWC this year. 

The top 10 most mentioned brands were:

  1. LG – 44,482
  2. Samsung – 40,873 
  3. Sony – 21,572
  4. Huawei – 15,556
  5. Xiaomi – 12,819
  6. Lenovo – 13,042
  7. HTC – 11,483
  8. Android – 11,723
  9. Windows – 9,629
  10. Qualcomm – 8,736

Timely and vaguely relevant stat of the week…

On this day in 1998, A Texas jury rejected an $11m lawsuit by Texas cattlemen who blamed Oprah Winfrey for a price drop in beef after she made a comment on her show about mad cow disease.

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