SXSW is rammed with sessions so this is just the tip of the iceberg. We don’t guarantee amazingness (thought they probably will be), but you’ll probably see us there:


2 pm: SXSW kicks off with Bre Prettis talking about the future of digital and physical with 3D printing and he’ll give us a few inside tips about SXSW Interactive after all his years of coming here as a participant!

5 pm: The ever savvy Danny Sullivan talks search with Duane Forrester and Matt Cutts at their session “How to Rank Better in Google and Bing.”


9:30 am: As everyone looks to Get Glue and second screen experiences, Jenn Deering Davis discusses how Twitter has changed the way we watch TV. 

11:30 am: As story and narrative grow in importance to brands and how we reach consumers, I’m hoping the session by Lynne Duddy on “Story is the World Force” will help deep dive into the way story is heading and how it can help brands improve their engagement.

12:30 pm: Digital A-Z for B2B is what it says on the tin but we’ll be there to cover it for our Econsultancy readers in the B2B space!

15:30 pm: This is not digital really….but Chuck Lorre (creator of most comedies people love on TV) is interviewing Neil Gaiman. How can you not go to this, I ask.


9:30 am: Sticking with the narrative stream, the session on “Data, Storytelling and Breaking through the Noise” will look at story from a different point of view.

11 am: Though this shouldn’t have to be said, the session on putting customers at the centre of your business is still needed. And is at SXSW at Ballroom G.

12:30 pm: I’m really excited to see Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, talk about being a politician in the new media age. This will definitely be packed so get there early.


11 am: I think the session “Is Social Media making us sick?” at the Sheraton Austin Capitol is an important one. We forget the toll being turned on 24-7 has on our bodies, our minds and our productivity.

12:30 pm: For those of you interested in UX, the session “Shaping UX when users are at the wheel” will cover the joins and pains of user generated content and how you can make it as painless as possible for the rest of us.


9:30 am: Pandora and TechCrunch dissect music and tech at this early session. A bit unfair of the organizers who know we’ll all be out late the night before. Do music people ever get up that early?

11 am: Outsourcing and offshoring social customer service at the four seasons ballroom will cover the area most big businesses dip into but don’t talk about. I’m keen to see what their solutions are.

12:30 pm: As we look at omnichannel retailing, the session “Why shopping will never be the same” looks at how retailers have to adapt to this new digital age.

All of you who are at SXSW, what sessions do you think are must sees?