Workshop overview
This one-day workshop covers all aspects of content strategy, from vision to delivery to governance. The course explores the skills, techniques and tools needed to optimise your digital content initiatives. The format is fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive. Content draws on examples and case studies to showcase best practice.

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Key learning outcomes
Delegates will gain an understanding of how to define and manage the full scope of your organisation’s content strategy. It will help you build confidence, as well as competence.

Definitions, relationships and business case
Learning objective: Learn how to define content strategy and its relationship to other fields. How to make the business case for content strategy.

Supporting your strategy
Learning objective: Learn how to identify your organisation’s current challenges with content strategy. Clearly defining your scope.

Editorial planning
Learning objective: How to create effective content calendars and identify ‘tentpole events’ in your planning.

Research and priorities
Learning objective: How to create and use ‘personae’ to effectively target your prospects and customers.

Strategy statements
Learning objective: Creating actionable content strategy statements to clarify the long-term direction of your strategy.

Auditing your content
Learning objective: Discover processes and tools for creating content audits that clarify the ownership and management of your content.

Content strategy documentation
Learning objective: How to effectively document your content strategy to ensure stakeholders align on process and outcomes.

Content strategy governance
Learning objective: How to create and manage governance policies that are supported and endorsed by stakeholders.

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