Workshop overview
In this course you will learn what it takes to create an outstanding experience. You will discover that a great user experience is more than a pretty interface, but will impact everything from content creation to project planning.

You will learn tangible techniques for ensuring an outstanding customer experience while still meeting organisational goals, such as improving conversion rates.

While our Customer Experience Strategy course focuses on creating a customer-centric culture, this course will focus on those online touchpoints between customer and company and how to improve them.

The course will be practical, interactive and focused on applying the techniques learned to your specific websites and circumstances.

Key learning outcomes
After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Adopt a working methodology that ensures the customer is not ignored during planning and production.
  • Work in a way that continues to improve the customer experience even after the launch of an online service.
  • Create engaging content that also addresses people’s questions and drives them towards completing important calls to action.
  • Design user interfaces that empower the customer help them find the content they need and complete the tasks that led them to your website.
  • Develop user interfaces that save the customer time, which increasingly is the commodity they most value.
  • Embrace techniques that allow you to identify problems with the experience and then find the best solution to address those issues.
  • Optimise your site’s experience through rigorous testing.

Customer-led project planning
Learning Outcomes: To introduce a working methodology that includes customer research and testing with users, without adding significant additional expense or increasing the time to launch. Also, learn how to sell this working methodology to management and other stakeholders.

Creating compelling content
Learning Outcomes: To work with content creators to help them create compelling online content that will improve engagement, increase customer satisfaction and encourage users to take action.

Designing a great user experience
Learning Outcomes: To adopt user interface design best practice, ideal for optimising the user experience, while also looking beyond the interface at ways you can create a better experience through design thinking.

Improve your experience with testing
Learning Outcomes: To embrace the importance of testing in the design process, learn specific testing techniques and know when it is appropriate to adopt each of them.

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