Workshop overview
Our most popular training course. This two-day workshop delivers a complete overview of the essential digital marketing disciplines, with practical tips to get your digital campaigns up and running.

The course explores the essential strategies and tactics of digital and content marketing, covering latest techniques and need-to-know practices. The course is designed to demystify digital jargon, change mindsets and thinking, to challenge, inform, inspire. The format will be fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive throughout. The content will draw on best-in-class examples and case studies to demonstrate what’s possible.

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Key learning outcomes
Delegates will gain an understanding of the essential strategies and practices for key digital marketing channels, integration with other offline activity, along with insights into effective planning, execution and evaluation for digital marketing campaigns. The session is designed to build confidence as well as competence.

The digital marketing context
Learning objective: Understanding the context for how digital is changing consumer expectation and experience, and how modern marketing is adapting in response

Digital marketing planning and the consumer journey
Learning objective: Understanding key principles of omnichannel and digital marketing strategy and planning, consumer insight and the consumer journey

Content strategy and marketing
Learning objective: Developing knowledge of the role for content in the consumer journey, how content can support marketing objectives and consumer needs

Learning objective: Understanding the fundamentals of search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), the role of search, strategies for success

Data targeting, display and programmatic
Learning objective: the role of data in targeting and tracking, the role of display in the consumer journey, aligning activity to objectives, managing agencies effectively

Social Media and Influencer marketing
Learning objective: Comprehending the role for social, best practice strategies and execution, utilising content in social channels, effective strategies for influencer marketing

Marketing automation and email
Learning objective: Covering the fundamental techniques of marketing automation and machine learning

Conversion, user experience, CRM
Learning objective: Understanding changing user behaviour, identifying and applying best practices in e-commerce, CRM and content optimization to drive sales

Data, measurement and analytics
Learning objective: Understanding the measures that matter, and making data actionable