Workshop overview
Based on fast track – our most popular online training format – this full-day workshop explores the principles and practices of managing and optimise ecommerce, with a particular focus on online merchandising. The course is designed to change mindsets and thinking, to challenge, inform, and inspire action with practical tips. The format will be fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive throughout. The content will draw on best-in-class examples of ecommerce success from a range of categories and sectors and involve several interactive exercises where you can test your knowledge and apply it to some of your own challenges.

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Key learning outcomes
The first half of the day will provide an overview of some of the principles of ecommerce, including the importance of brand and customer proposition, and aligning merchandising techniques with the customer path to purchase, before examining the detail of what makes successful product pages. The second half of the day will focus on the key elements of ecommerce navigation: search and browse, as well as exploring how product recommendations can be used to support merchandising. There will be a focus throughout on performance measurement and taking a data-driven approach.

Brand and customer proposition
Learning objective: Develop a framework for understanding online merchandising, consider your online selling activity within the wider customer communications context, and appreciate the role of brand and storytelling in ecommerce.

The art of selling
Learning objective: Use empathy and customer insights to carry out merchandising effectively, including measuring the path to purchase, the power of personalisation, and key techniques for persuasion.

Product proposition
Learning objective: Take away 10 steps to selling through product pages, examining copy, imagery, and other content assets and assistive techniques to improve conversion, including the impact product information can have on customer buying behaviour.

Product recommendations
Learning objective: Starting with simple steps, learn what is possible with sophisticated personalised recommendation, including ways to cross sell and up sell, and how to use triggers to support merchandising

Search and browse
Learning objective: Understand why search, sort, and filter, are key elements of ecommerce merchandising, including on-site search engine optimisation, and how to apply a customer-first approach to your product taxonomy.

Key metrics and performance indicators
Learning objective: Become familiar with KPI frameworks for product and customer retention, and learn how to align channel metrics to KPIs across each stage of the customer journey.

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