Fundamentals of online merchandising

  • The impact of your brand and customer proposition on merchandising success.
  • The essential problems to solve in online merchandising.
  • Getting your product data to the best possible standards.
  • Basic presentation (search, filter, sort orders, promotion) and the opportunities and problems presented.
  • Promotional strategies and their demands on online merchandising systems.
  • How to use exit intent and remarketing to extend your merchandising shelf life.

Key metrics and performance indicators

  • A review of the traditional metrics for stock and sales performance and their applicability to online.
  • Online-only metrics.
  • Important key performance indicators.

Online merchandising techniques and considerations

  • Rule-based or algorithmic systems.
  • Behavioural profiling to drive rules.
  • Use of personae.
  • A:B testing in online merchandising.

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