Workshop overview
With algorithms constantly changing, social media for brands has become pay to play. So how do you play this game and make sure your content is seen by the right audience instead of your competitors?

This strategic workshop will teach you how to use social media advertising efficiently and effectively to help reach your objectives, even if you have limited experience. It covers all the fundamental principles of paid social, the best platforms right now and how to do this within your budget so you can reap the rewards and be happy with your ROI.

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Learning objectives
With this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Recognise the most appropriate balance of paid, owned and earned social activity.
  • Make the right decisions around the different advertising option on the major social media platforms.
  • Evaluate, analyse and improve your existing social media advertising.
  • Know what your competition are doing.
  • Analyse the best tools to use to help with your paid advertising strategy.
  • Stay up to date with the latest changes in the world of paid social.


Paid social today: the platforms and opportunities available to you now

  • Looking at the benefits, disadvantages and where are we today with paid social media
  • Evaluating the established advertising platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Investigating emerging opportunities from newer ad platforms including Tok Tok, Snapchat

Strategic planning: putting together an integrated plan

  • Understanding ways to connect your advertising to your business objectives.
  • Looking at the user journey from the creative advert to landing pages and beyond.
  • Breaking down the mechanics of a social media advert including taking a look at the pixel.

The creative: making the advert

  • Looking at the key components and best practices for your ad on various platforms.
  • Identify different techniques for communicating with copy.
  • Analysing the competitor landscape.

Budgets: knowing how to spend your money

  • Knowing the different ways you can bid for ad space.
  • Learning how to budget by knowing when, why and how to bid.

Distributing: targeting your ad to the relevant people

  • Understanding many different ways to select the ideal customer to target through demographics, psychographics and webographics.
  • Knowing how to strategically select the right audience to target through lists, lookalike audiences and more.
  • Increasing your reach through engagement once your ad goes live.

Conversion: knowing what to measure to determine ROI

  • Understanding how and why to do A/B testing.
  • Identifying relevant metrics and key performing indicators to determine your return on investment.
  • Evaluating tools to help manage, measure and monitor your ad campaigns.

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