Workshop overview
Based on Fast Track – our most popular online training format – this full-day workshop explores the powerful ways you can optimise your digital marketing by looking at customer behaviour through the lens of human psychology. The course is designed to change mindsets and thinking, to challenge, inform, inspire. The format will be fast-paced, highly engaging and interactive throughout. The content will draw on best-in-class examples and psychological research, and involve several interactive exercises where you can test your knowledge and apply it to some of your own challenges.

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Key learning outcomes
The first half of the day will provide an overview of some of the most frequently used decision-making models, examining motivational theories used by behavioural scientists and exploring the functions of trust, learning and memory. The second half of the day will focus on practical application: how design can assist in decision making, how to appeal to cognitive biases, and how to present information in a way that captures people’s underlying motivations.

Learning objective: Understand some of the theory of marketing psychology by exploring different models and styles of decision-making and how to put them into practice them in your marketing.

Learning objective: Learn how to position your marketing by understanding what really drives people, including exploring different theories of motivation, and looking at the role of personality types.

Trust, learning and memory
Learning objective: Gain insight for building and maintaining trust with your audience, and develop ways to support your audience in remembering your key messages.

Designing our digital experiences
Learning objective: Take away practical ideas to help make your message as easy to understand and as compelling as possible through user interaction and user experience design.

Persuasion through content
Learning objective: Discover a ‘long list’ of persuasion techniques that you could use in your marketing, as well as some of the short cuts that people often use to help them make decisions.

Writing words that motivate
Learning objective: Explore the different ways different segments in society respond to different types of messaging, and learn how to write in a way that satisfies different needs without isolating others.

Getting cut-through
Learning objective: Learn how to use structure, plot and character to help tell powerful stories, develop games to engage your audiences, and create effective and engaging data visualisations.

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