Workshop overview
This one-day workshop delivers comprehensive understanding of all the key areas of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), with interactive activities to help you learn how to set up, manage, and measure your SEO campaigns.

The course explores the foundations of SEO, as well as current trends and effective techniques. The course is designed to explain key areas, best practice and a robust process to follow when planning, implementing and measuring the success of your SEO campaigns. This workshop is upbeat, highly interactive, contains multiple activities and case studies, as well as a wealth of hints, tips, and resources.

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Key learning outcomes
Delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key areas of successful search engine optimisation, along with insights into the effective planning, implementation and evaluation for SEO campaigns. The session is designed to build confidence, as well as competence.

The search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape
Learning objective: Understand the current state of SEO, key trends and the most important elements of SEO, search engine algorithms and how they have evolved, and best practice in SEO. Understand the impact of mobile on SEO and how to apply best practice for mobile.

The search engine optimisation site audit
Learning objective: Understand what factors are considered when carrying out a search engine optimisation audit and how to analyse and evaluate on-page and off-page SEO.

Keyword planning and targeting for SEO
Learning objective: Understand the importance of keywords and learn how to apply this knowledge to develop and the best target keywords and key phrases for SEO campaigns. Create a robust and effective keyword strategy.

Competitive analysis for SEO
Learning objective: Understand how to analyse and evaluate a site against its competitors and apply the knowledge gained to SEO campaigns for improved success.

On-page and technical SEO
Learning objective: Apply known best practice in on-page optimisation to web pages for SEO, understand what steps need to be taken, as well as technical changes that need to be made for successful SEO.

Content and off-page SEO
Learning objective: Create successful off-page strategies for SEO campaigns. Apply best practice in the planning, management, and measurement of content campaigns for SEO. Understand how to build awareness and backlinks through the use of outreach for SEO.

Social media and SEO
Learning objective: Understand the impact of social media on SEO and how to use social media effectively for successful SEO.

Data, measurement, analytics and monitoring
Learning objective: Apply best practice when measuring and monitoring SEO campaign and how to use insights for improved performance.

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