An often overlooked factor in maintaining a high level of website uptime is having a reliable DNS service.

If your DNS fails or is slow to resolve, your uptime will suffer – even if your website itself is technically “up“.

Most web hosting providers offer customers free use of their DNS servers but reliability is often lacking.

In my experience, free DNS offered by web hosting providers often suffers from latency issues and leaves a lot to be desired.

Outsourcing DNS to a third-party specialist DNS hosting provider can play a big role in maintaining a high level of uptime.

A good DNS hosting provider ensures reliable DNS resolution, offers decreased latency and maintains redundancy through multiple DNS servers hosted in multiple geographic locations.

Here are 5 DNS hosting providers worth looking at.

DNS Made Easy

Cost: Starts at $14.95/year for 3 domains, 120 records and 1 million queries/month


Cost: Starts at $27.50/year for 1 domain, 75 records and 2.592 million queries/month


Cost: Starts at $19.95/year for 1 domain


Cost: Starts at $29.95/year for 1 domain, 10 records and 15,000 queries/month


Cost: Starts at $15/month for 1 domain, 5 records and 5,000 queries