Tailgate Technologies has found a new use for its transactional banners – selling tickets for Paramount’s new movie The Kite Runner.

Consumers can use the banners to search for local cinemas that are showing the movie and complete purchases without leaving the host site.

Tailgate says that sites displaying the ads benefit as visitors don’t need to leave to complete the purchase, and because they don’t need to manage any aspect of the transaction.

It launched the product earlier this year and initial tests were impressive, with the company citing response rates of more than 16% on three motoring websites.

Concerns have been raised about security perceptions and trust, though Tailgate insists that all transactions are secure and that no data is stored on its platform.

There are some issues, however – customer awareness is one; people need to get used to the idea of inputting credit card details in this way.

Many shoppers may also be reluctant to make purchases without being able to see the product page, delivery information, T&Cs and so on.

However, the technology seems well suited for movie tickets and other smaller items.

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