A new pay-as-you-go Visa voucher for online shopping has been released today, in an attempt to get more people shopping online.

Figures from the 3V Transaction Services ‘online shopper’ study reveal that around a fifth of people want to shop online but are reluctant to do so, and that over 9 million people in the UK are left behind by the online shopping boom.

Reasons given by reluctant online shoppers included not having a credit or debit card, and fear of having their card details stolen while shopping online.

The same survey also reveals that eight in ten people believe that they can make savings by shopping online. Last year, 310 million online card payments were made in the UK, totalling £22 billion.

3V chief executive Kieron Guilfoyle believes his vouchers will help ease such fears:

“The launch of 3V Vouchers in the UK is great news for people who want to shop online but can’t or for those who don’t want to because of the fear of fraud or going into the red.”

The vouchers were originally launched in Ireland, where over 60,000 signed up for 3V Vouchers since October 2005. The majority of those users are aged between 18-35 years old and 33% of users already have a credit card.

3V’s vouchers can’t be cloned, and security details are delivered separately to the customer’s email or mobile phone at the time of purchase, so the company hope that this will ease security fears and convince more people to shop online.

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