PeekYou, another recently launched people search engine, has updated its people search functions and improved the navigation on its site, and now has over 50m searchable profiles.


PeekYou lets you find other people, and others find you, via your websites, social network profiles, photos, and any other personal information about you that is available online.

Created by the founders of, Michael Hussey, the site aims to become an open source directory that will allow you to search for anyone with some kind of online presence.

The site claims that it offers something different from other people search engines, because it can identify and combine mulitiple internet links into a single person profile without duplicating profiles.

The new search function is an improvemnet, allowing you to refine searches more easily, You can now search through a combination of fields – locations, surname, username or tags which details interests and types of work.

This allows you to search for people within a city or area who have a specific interest or job.

As with Spock, which recently came out of private beta, PeekYou allows anyone to edit and add information to people’s profiles, which should ensure that information is accurate and up to date.

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