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“People use the word skill to describe different things”

Senior Analyst Séan Donnelly shares the process behind Econsultancy’s Skills of the Modern Marketer report, revealing some key findings, and why we should look beyond traditional skills to include knowledge and mindset.

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Effective Leadership in the Digital Age

1. Introduction The question of how leadership is changing in a digitally empowered world is a consistent theme in subscriber feedback and the digital transformation work that Econsultancy does with clients. 2015 saw the publication of Econsultancy’s initial research and report into Effective Leadership in the Digital Age, which was designed to provide insight into […]

How does your digital marketing knowledge stack-up?

Take the Digital Skills Index to see how you measure up across 11 topics integral to modern marketing. It’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, benchmark you against your peers, and provide tailored learning journeys to develop further.


"41% of digital marketers in North America, Europe and China say the most desired skills for digital marketing hires in 2019-2020 is data analysis"

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