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“People use the word skill to describe different things”

Senior Analyst Séan Donnelly shares the process behind Econsultancy’s Skills of the Modern Marketer report, revealing some key findings, and why we should look beyond traditional skills to include knowledge and mindset.

Four learning & development trends in the digital age

According to Econsultancy’s How Marketers Learn report, the organisations that invest in people and digital skills outperform their peers in every industry.

So, while learning and development should be at the top of the agenda for many companies, what exactly should they be focusing on? Nikki Gilliland highlights some trends impacting L&D in 2019.

Latest Research, Trends and Best Practice

Developing Future Strategy: Long-Term Thinking for Marketers

1. Introduction We live in times of ‘agile’, ‘fail fast’, ‘beta testing’ and ‘lean startups’. The doubling of computer processing power every two years, as predicted by Moore’s law, has delivered exponentially increasing computational abilities. Vast data sets are now available to marketers, enabling them to respond to customer demands in real time or even […]

Change Management for Marketers Best Practice Guide

1.  Introduction This report is designed to provide marketers with practical guidance and advice on how best to manage change in the context of rapidly shifting technology, consumer behaviour and market dynamics. It is written for senior and mid-level marketers who want to understand how to navigate change within their own teams or the most […]

Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety

Short Guide to Trust, Transparency and Brand Safety

Introduction In recent years, trust among the general population has taken a hit. The rise of fake news, along with high-profile data breaches and some inappropriately placed programmatic ads have eroded the trust that people and organisations have in the businesses they work with. In 2017, marketing consultancy firm Edelman confirmed this sentiment, declaring in […]

How does your digital marketing knowledge stack-up?

Take the Digital Skills Index to see how you measure up across 11 topics integral to modern marketing. It’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, benchmark you against your peers, and provide tailored learning journeys to develop further.


"Globally, 74% of CEOs say they are concerned about the availability of key skills in their organisation’s growth prospects"

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