Performance Benchmarks

Econsultancy’s new Performance Benchmarks tool, released in beta, is a powerful and fully searchable database which enables you to gain real insight into your organisation’s digital performance.

Search and compare against hundreds of B2B and B2C performance metrics spanning 15 key topics. Our data is gathered from a range of reliable, verified and regularly updated sources, from carefully-chosen partners to publicly available online resources, accessible all in one convenient place.

Included in Essentials, Advanced and Premium subscription plans.

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Why use it?

  • Access hundreds of verified B2B and B2C performance metrics, all from one convenient place.
  • Gain real insight into how your organisation is performing by benchmarking metrics against your own.
  • Save any metrics you’re interested in to access them later at any time.
  • Download charts and statistics to use them in your own plans or presentations.
  • Our database is continually updated so you can always access the latest insight.

Get as granular as you need

We don’t stop at topline numbers.

Once you’ve found your metric, you’ll be able to break the data down further by criteria including date, territory, sector, device, number of users and more.

So whether it’s average order value of consumers in the US you’re looking for or what the global average open rate on email looks like, Performance Benchmarks is the tool for you.

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