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The Rise of Retail Media Networks

This special edition of Digital Transformation Monthly looks at the rise of retail media networks and the conditions that have led to their growing appeal, featuring key stories from individual retailers.

A Marketer’s Guide to Price Comparison Websites

 ‌ PCWs such as uSwitch,, MoneySuperMarket and GoCompare are an important part of the marketing mix, providing direct digital sales and contributing to other sources. It is a growing market that continues to evolve as technology advances, data is shared, consumers are increasingly empowered with intelligence and brands strive for deeper customer engagement.

This report looks at the growth in PCWs, the role they play in a brand’s marketing mix (including both challenges and opportunities), how best to manage such an affiliate relationship, how it has an impact on the customer relationship and what the future of this channel holds.

Paid Search Best Practice Guide

 ‌ Econsultancy’s refreshed and updated series of Paid Search Best Practice guides covers everything you need to know about the complex, though potentially very lucrative, area of paid search advertising.

The guides have been created to help beginners and experts alike plan, create, launch and optimise paid search campaigns and maximise their return on investment.

Case Studies

Paid Search Strategy

Retail Trends and Media – Digital Shift Q2 2022

This chapter explores the latest news in retail and media, with further developments in q-commerce and a bevy of innovations in social commerce from Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. The chapter also looks at the emergence of retail media, including Amazon’s recent declaration of its 2021 advertising revenue.

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Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide

 ‌ This updated edition of Econsultancy’s Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide provides an overview of the major social media channels and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media advertising.

The guide provides a summary of the main self-serve advertising options on these channels, including TikTok, and outlines some of the premium options available to marketers when developing a strategic approach to social media marketing and communications.


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Google Shopping Best Practice Guide

 ‌ With Google Shopping now the go-to search ad type for retailers, this guide shows how campaigns on the platform should be set up and optimised for maximum returns. Traffic from Google Shopping ads often comes with higher purchase intent, and so any ecommerce business should consider it an essential part of its digital marketing strategy.

This guide covers product feed structure, differences in query matching vs. traditional search ads, the full variety of ad formats, local inventory ads and how to combine this with search to ensure in-depth keyword coverage.