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Harnessing the Power of Personalisation Best Practice Guide

Harnessing the Power of Personalisation Best Practice Guide

 ‌ This report uncovers best practice principles and considerations for developing a personalisation strategy and includes some of the strategies and tactics that are working well for companies. It also provides supporting evidence for why companies should be placing personalisation high on their agenda and explores ways to develop personalisation capabilities.


The role of personalisation in customer loyalty post-Covid

 ‌ Due to changes in our daily habits, the reasons why a consumer shopped at a particular retailer before Covid might no longer be relevant, or even still exist.

This is a topic we recently discussed with Christian Selchau-Hansen, the CEO of enterprise software company, Formation helps large companies connect with their customers, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalised offers and experiences that are relevant to individual consumers.

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Six essential capabilities for personalisation

Covid-19 has accelerated the importance of digital transformation. Suddenly digital is the ONLY way many companies can deliver their experiences to consumers. Of course, just having a digital channel is no longer enough. Everyone wants to deliver personalised experiences to their audiences, but how exactly do you do that? Personalisation is not easy to do, […]

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What is CRM and why do you need it?

When people in marketing talk about CRM, they typically mean one of two things: the practice of CRM, which stands for customer relationship management; or CRM systems, the platforms that enable marketers to carry out customer relationship management. The two are pretty closely linked, as if you’re considering improving or building a strategy for CRM […]

How the beauty industry is using personalisation to build greater brand relevance

The cosmetics industry has historically promoted an idealised and homogenous portrayal of beauty. The idea that “we’re worth it” – and that a single lipstick can make millions of women look and feel the exact same shade of special.

But in 2020, no longer does the beauty industry solely cater to the mass-market.


Personalisation in 2023: What do the experts predict?

Personalisation – is it the key to conversion and the logical endpoint for comms, or merely a marketing pipedream? The answer is likely somewhere between the two, but to give us some more perspective on what marketers should expect from personalisation in 2023, I asked the opinions of some experts at AI-powered SaaS content platforms […]

‘Retailers need to keep looking for fresh, innovative ways to provide value to the customer’: Wunderkind’s Richard Jones

Richard Jones is the CRO of performance marketing engine Wunderkind. I recently spoke with Richard about his experiences as a two-time CEO, how brands can provide genuine value to the customer in exchange for their data, and the digital marketing trends that retailers need to keep an eye on in the near future. Tell us […]

Microlearning: Personalisation

Personalisation is all about delivering greater relevance to customers and providing a richer experience by serving the right message on the right channel at the right time.  Dip into this two-minute lesson to find out more.

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