Online grocer FreshDirect offers its customers many options to make shopping from a large selection of inventory simple, ranging from search functionality, breadcrumb navigation (literal and figurative – they do sell breadcrumbs!), and shopping from previous grocery lists. Grocery buying is, after all, largely predicated on repeat purchasing of favorite or staple products.

FreshDirect recently made browsing and buying even easier for returning registered customers by personalizing its site search functionality.

Take a look at the example below. In this case, a customer who has purchased soy milk in the past and searches “soy milk” is returned 23 results; various soy milk brands, flavors, and sizes. But the top result is now “your favorite,” the exact product the customer/searcher purchased in the past.

Leave it to the Netflixs and Amazons of the world to offer you-may-also-like and customers-who-liked-this-liked-that recommendations engines. Grocery buying is more hit-and-run than surf-and-browse behavior (and that recommendation engines are far from perfect is no secret).

FreshDirect is using personalized search to greatly enhance the user, as well as the shopping experience.