Pheedo, an RSS ad network, has announced the launch of its FeedPowered ad platform, which enables marketers to use text and video RSS content within ad widgets.

FeedPowered ads are on-site advertisements which can present updated text, video or audio from any RSS feed.

Within the ads, users can choose to subscribe to the feed on display, email an item to a friend, or bookmark it via various social media sites, in order to create ‘create viral and word-of-mouth opportunities’.

The idea behind Pheedo’s ads is to create a higher degree of interaction between advertisers and consumers, as well as allowing a greater degree of tracking – information on who has used and tagged content can be used by the advertiser to inform future campaigns.

According to Pheedo founder Bill Flitter:

“FeedPowered ads give marketers and publishers a way to leverage the power of RSS to move content easily around the web to engage new audiences and customers.”

Pheedo believes that click through rates are higher for RSS-based ads, compared to standard online ads – during a month’s testing, Pheedo’s ads attracted 1,000 subscribers.

The figures are impressive, but their success will depend on the ability of advertisers to create content, especially video, which is compelling enough to attract consumers.