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Best Practice & Benchmarking

We show you what good looks like, then provide you with the resources to achieve it.

Gauge your company’s digital performance with the Performance Benchmarks tool or reinforce your strategy and boost your presentations with thousands of downloadable market insights and charts from our Internet Statistics Database.

Or access an ever-growing pool of best practice guides, case studies and briefings covering the breadth of digital marketing and ecommerce and benefit from detailed, practical guidance and inspiration.

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Skills of the Modern Marketer

1. Foreword When I ask senior marketers to tell me what marketing framework they are most familiar with, they often suggest the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). This model was first published in 1960 by American marketing professor Edmund Jerome McCarthy in his book Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach. This was in an era of […]

Trends + Technology

Trends & Technology

Identify the digital trends worth exploring.

Tease out the latest marketing hot topics and innovations with Econsultancy’s Trends Reports, or pose your most pressing questions to an expert during Digital Shift, our quarterly, analyst-led webinar that addresses important developments, trends and innovations in digital.

Strategy & Leadership

Inform and shape strategic decisions and bring your entire organisation up to best practice standard.

Access the Modern Marketing Model (M3); our unifying framework fusing digital and classic marketing and explore a profusion of in-depth reports to guide your thinking.

Our Fast Track to Modern Marketing complements M3 and is an online course delivered through 10 interactive videos. Presented by Econsultancy founder, Ashley Friedlein, it’s designed to advance your knowledge of marketing in the digital era while building practical skills.

Your Digital Learning Journey

Build knowledge, develop skills and embed a learning mindset in your organisation.

Kick off your journey with the Digital Skills Index and find out how you or your team measure up across digital marketing disciplines, then follow content recommendations for closing the gaps.

Fast Track to Digital Marketing Online covers all the fundamentals in 12 video modules, while 100+ bitesize Microlearning modules cover best practice, trends, strategic and practical insights in easily-digestible videos.

For businesses looking to transform and upskill their team or whole organisation, our Marketing Academies offer long-term, customised knowledge and skills development.

Subscriber Events

From monthly webinars, drilling down into the marketing topics of the moment, to roundtables gathering senior marketers together to debate and share digital processes and best practice, there’s a packed calendar of events to keep subscribers in the know.

Join us at Econsultancy Live or benefit from special subscriber discounts for award-winning XEIM events, such as the Festival of Marketing.

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