Pure-play web retailers outperformed their multi-channel rivals when delivering customer satisfaction in the run up to Xmas, according to research.

ForeSee Results surveyed visitors to 30 top retail websites in the UK and found they were happiest with Play.com, Amazon and eBay UK.

On average, online-only retailers netted 70 points out of 100, compared to 64 for brands with other non-web channels.

But the overall average was 66 – some way lower than a similar survey in the US.

The study collected over 10,500 responses between November 26 and December 17.

It found:

  • The top rated site was Play.com (76), which has since reported a 24% rise in orders in the Xmas period. It was followed by Amazon UK (75); eBay UK (72); QVC (71); HMV (70); Marks & Spencer (70) and EBuyer (70).
  • Bringing up the rear were B&Q (53); Le Redoute (58); WH Smith (59) and PC World (59).

ForeSee Results said shoppers on a top performing site were around 22% more likely to buy from that retailer next Xmas.

Larry Freed, president and CEO, said:

“Those with 60 points or below are failing to satisfy shoppers, eroding loyalty and are missing a tremendous opportunity to leverage the web channel to improve their bottom line.

“They are holding back further adoption of web purchasing for the rest of the retail market. Those that are doing well should be applauded for recognising how important it is to get it right.”

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