To promote the PlayStation Store’s ‘Video Store’ service, the
company has released three short films that show how a living room can be transformed into an environment that reflects the movie being watched.

Combining real-time tracking, projection mapping and augmented reality, creative agency Studio Output has created what it calls a “a supercharged experience” using immersive imaging and the PlayStation Move controller.

Typically 3D projection mapping will only work from a single, static viewpoint. But by connecting the PlayStation Move controller to the camera that filmed these clips, projections can be mapped onto your screen in real time, enhancing the effect of spatial deformation and false perspective. 

Because this exercise was filmed, the room only ‘comes alive’ when you watch it through your computer or tablet. But if you were in the room and the Move controller was tracking your eye movement, the projection would shift to exactly where you were looking. The clips shows you the same effect.

Ian Hambleton, partner and art director at Studio Output, said that though immersive imaging is still in its infancy, it could also be pushed out to a mass market to produce multiple or mass immersive imaging.

This technology would use glasses or tablet devices to enable participants to experience a brand’s output from a shared, but at the same time unique perspective.” 

He explained that unlike virtual reality, in which everything is fake, immersive or mass immersive imaging requires layers of animation, movies and graphics onto real objects. This makes the two worlds co-exist and blurs the boundaries of physical and virtual, producing a richer and more engaging experience in the process.