I have just been checking my Yahoo Mail, which kindly displays a skyscraper ad on the right side of the screen.

To my amazement, a banner has just appeared for American Express with a ‘loading’ message.

I was so surprised that I hit the refresh button on my browser and the banner reappeared, again with the ‘loading’ message.

After a few seconds, once the banner had loaded, it was just a simple animated ad for Travel Insurance.

No fancy video or interactive game that would at least justify the waiting time.

If I was using a slow dial-up connection I would understand. But I am using a high speed broadband connection which loads most sites in an instant.

I guess I am just surprised that the creative agency believe that consumers will happily wait for the ad to load.

Display ads need to work hard to attract user attention away from the main content of the page.

This is simply an example of poor design with little thought for usability.

Rant over.

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