Over the last few days I have been learning about the new pay per click management tools that Yahoo! Search are soon to launch and the already live Google Adwords Editor in BETA.

Google’s AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable account management application for PPC campaign managers. You can download your whole AdWords account to your computer, make changes to your ads and bidding, then easily upload your revised campaigns.

Yahoo’s tool looks even juicier with some great features including dayparting and enhanced geo targeting functionality. There’a a nice post over at SerachEngineJournal.com that gives some good insights into the new Yahoo! Search PPC management tools scheduled to go live Q4 2006, along with some handy screen shots of the new interface.

So with all these new tools to be provided for free by the ad networks, how’s that going to impact the PPC Campaign Management Software market? No doubt Google will continue to innovate and launch new features over time. So will we start to see some advertisers closing down their accounts with the software vendors and start using the extra cash to bulk up their PPC spend to cope with bid inflation?