Online PR firm webitpr has devised a ‘social media news release’ - a press release specifically designed for the internet.

The webitpr release claims to be the first of its kind to be released in the UK, and was inspired by a template produced by last year by Todd Defren at US PR firm SHIFT Communications.

Stephen Davies, who maintains an excellent online PR blog, is the subject of the release – he has joined webitpr.

So what is it? Unlike normal press releases, the social media news release uses a range of media to get the message across. In the webitpr release, video and audio is used, and journalists are also provided with a range of images.

The release is also interactive - it has a section for people to leave comments, which can be turned on or off.

In addition, a range of related links are provided with the release – these include blog trackbacks and other media coverage of the news release, as well as links to bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit..

All in all, pretty useful…