Kudos to Annie Jennings for trying, but something tells me that she’s not going to sell the domain name ‘AfterTheBailout.com’ for more than a million bucks.

Annie, who runs a New Jersey-based PR firm, has fired over two jaw-dropping press releases informing me that the “hottest domain name AfterTheBailout.com is on sale at eBay”, with the minimum bid set to a staggering $1m.

Number of bids to date? Zero.

How can this be? After all, according to the press releases, this is a domain name “that’s destined to go down in GLOBAL history”. Are you tempted? There is only five days until the auction closes. Be swift!

Here’s some more from the latest press release (my comments in bold):

WILL AFTERTHEBAILOUT.com SELL FOR $1 MILLION?  OR WILL BUYERS BID HIGHER?   The eBay.com sales page for the domain name (go to www.ebay.com and type in afterthebailout.com to go to sales page) has had lots of visitors.  Are any of the visitors interested in buying the domain name for the minimum bid of $1 Million and are some even thinking of bidding higher?

No, it doesn’t look like it. I wonder if that minimum bid might be set a shade too high?

WE SHALL SEE WHAT HAPPENS: “Generally speaking, buyers usually wait until the last minute to bid for the auctioned item,” says an active eBay user. “No wants to tip their hand early.  The last minute can be a frenzy!”

Yes, we shall see. On the flipside, this might just be doublespeak for ‘nobody is interested and nobody has yet bid anything for this’.

TIPS FOR BIDDING SUCCESS:  “Set up your account with eBay and submit your bid early so you are ready to go.  When you submit your first bid, you have the option of placing your maximum bid in advance.  By placing a maximum bid in advance you allow eBay to bid on your behalf automatically.  By entering a maximum bid you increase your chances of winning the auction,” adds an experienced eBay user who has experienced the frenzy of the last minute of an eBay auction.

Please bid now! Please bid now! And go in big with that maximum, for there will be a late bidding war.

WHY THE INTEREST?  Afterthebailout.com encompasses an historic moment in our global economy.  With the credit crisis, the global bailouts and volatile stock market activities, “afterthebailout.com” seems to capture what could be vital turning point in our global society.  This critical period of time we are experiencing right is commonly referred to as “after the bailout.”

Why the ‘lack of’ interest, morelike. The stupidity of the bailout will only be trumped if someone bids $1m for this domain name.

WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES?  Afterthebailout.com can be the “GO TO” web site where people can go and to get “after the bailout” advice and answers to their questions in numerous areas such as is this a good time to buy or sell real estate, is it safe to go back into the stock market, what should I do next?  The site can be a community site packed with news, commentary by experts and interaction from regular folks as the whole world watches to what happens worldwide “after the bailout”.

Note that there is no website attached to this offer. It is only a domain name that the $1m buys you. It can be yours to do with what you will!

E-COMMERCE STRATEGY:  Revenue generated by the site can be outstanding as the new owner can implement an e-commerce model that creates a substantial income stream from advertising sales, product sales and lots more.  With potentially millions visiting the site, the potential for email/data capture is excellent.  Since people all over the world instantly associate ‘after the bailout’, the site can launch with a huge advantage of instant familiarity and name recognition.

Oh my. For a million dollars I want a lot more than ‘potential’. That said, I love an optimist.

ONE OF A KIND & YOU CAN HAVE IT: Be the first and only ‘GO TO’ web site that the entire world can go to for the latest ‘after the bailout’ information. An idea on how the domain name can be used is that experts with various areas of expertise can post their insight and advice on topics such as finance, investments, business strategy, real estate and the impact on our global society in and ‘after the bailout’ world.

That’s right, there are no other websites that contain any of this information.

HERE’S HOW TO BUY THE DOMAIN NAME:   To place your bid to buy the domain name afterthebailout.com go to eBay.com and enter afterthebailout.com in the search box and press search. You can also enter item number 320310995262 and press search. This will bring you to the afterthebailout bidding page. Next, click on the domain name to see the bidding info and how to place your bid. In order to bid for the domain name you will have to register with eBay in advance to set up your account your user name and password in order to enter a bid. The minimum bid is $1,000,000 ($1 Million). The bidding ends on Saturday, October 25th at 13:07:14 PDT (4:07 PM Eastern Time). The person entering the highest bid at the end of the bidding session buys the domain name for their bid price.

Wondrous stuff.

So who then is the owner of this “hottest, in demand domain name”? Why none other than ‘Annie Jennings PR’. It was purchased on 26 September and expires in two years. And since Annie didn’t bother to go down the DomainsByProxy route it probably cost around $20.

For the life of me I cannot fathom how it has appreciated in value by no less than $999,980, in the space of less than a month, but I love Annie’s sense of humour. Recession? What recession!

What are you waiting for? Go get it.