Is there anybody on the planet who actually enjoys pre-roll video advertising? Research has shown that 94% of people skip pre-roll ads, though I can’t believe the number is that low (presumably the other 6% are masochists). 

Pre-roll ads are as loathed as pop-ups, which studies found to be damaging to both advertiser and publisher. I imagine that the same applies to pre-rolls. Have you ever watched one and wanted to buy the product or service that’s being (badly) pitched to you?  

You have to wonder why they’re so popular. Certainly the YouTube experience has considerably worsened since it started putting pre-rolls on a far wider range of ads, and I for one would pay a small fee to have them permanently removed.

Why do pre-roll ads suck so badly? Partly it’s the interruption, which is often a lot longer than five seconds, and partly it’s because the creative tends to be beyond stupid, but there are plenty of other reasons.  

The following quotes and videos reflect all that is wrong with the pre-roll format. If you’re the kind of person who likes to snuggle up to Satan by commissioning pre-rolls then you might want to take some notes.

What kind of madness is this?

Everything’s relative…

Advertisers + publishers = bad taste? 

Yep, it’s broken

Ads on ads!

Misguided creative is misguided

Those dreamy opening sequences don’t work

How a five second pre-roll should be done…

Volkswagen understands your pain

Even advertisers recognise that pre-roll ads annoy the hell out of people. Check out this ad from VW, which does “the most boring thing in the internet for you”.

Is there anything that can be done to improve this prevalent ad format? What do you think?