***POWER Engineers' and team-of-geospecialists selected to develop and deploy JEA's Next Generation Enterprise GIS***

CARLSBAD, California, April 27, 2004 - Tadpole-Cartesia, Inc., the GIS data infrastructure optimizer, today announces a contract from POWER Engineers to support the migration of JEA's current Intergraph FRAMME platform to ESRI's ArcGIS geodatabase. The project brings together the unique geoskills and technologies of enterprise GIS specialists . lead contractor POWER Engineers, together with Tadpole-Cartesia, VELOCITIE Integration, Miner and Miner, and C&C Solutions.

JEA is the eighth largest community-owned electric utility in America providing electricity, water and wastewater services to more than 750,000 accounts in northeast Florida. Its selection of ArcGIS as the enterprise GIS platform will enable over 650 JEA engineers, technicians and business analysts to better interact in multi-department planning, development and network maintenance. A significant element of the project covers the optimization of data infrastructure to support the new business process.

Under the terms of the contract, Tadpole-Cartesia will provide a mobile viewing and redlining application built on ArcGIS Engines to support all field operations. Tadpole-Cartesia will also supply JEA with approximately 300 licenses of its GO! Sync software to handle the complex data synchronization needs of the utility's occasionally-connected mobile users. Tadpole-Cartesia anticipates its value of the contract at $500,000. The system is scheduled to go live in December 2004.

Built specifically for ArcGIS, GO! Sync is a bi-directional, synchronization utility for ESRI geodatabases and includes support for ArcPad running on PocketPC devices. A turnkey solution, it comes complete for field use and has a simple-to-use mobile viewing application. Singularly, GO! Sync automates the process of transmitting fresh GIS data between spatial database engines and personal databases. The automation process is activated when devices are docked and enable JEA's departments to efficiently share concurrent spatial information.

"JEA's deployment of GO! Sync software could lead to savings of several hundred thousands of dollars over the life of its next generation GIS," says John Terry, Project Manager of POWER Engineers. "We are very excited about the enterprise geospatial technology that Tadpole-Cartesia and GO! Sync bring to this project."

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th April 2004