Honda, members of the Zip advertising consortium, launches its third interactive TV (iTV) advertisement on this week. The campaign, for the Honda Civic, allows viewers access to more details on Honda’s groundbreaking ‘Integrated Motor Assist’ (IMA) engine technology. The interactive advert was developed by Zip Television in partnership with Honda’s creative agency, Wieden & Kennedy. Wieden & Kennedy are responsible for the IMA TV commercial, which first aired last year.

According to Simon Thompson, Head of Marketing at Honda, the aim of adding interactivity is to help educate the viewer about the new ‘smart’ technology and the benefits of IMA. Thompson explains: “IMA is designed to be environmentally friendly and save customers’ money. For example, when a vehicle comes to a stop, say at traffic lights, the electric motor takes over from the petrol engine. This saves Honda owner’s money on fuel and car tax, as there are fewer gas emissions”.

IMA technology is part of Honda’s long-term product strategy with 40% of
all Honda cars using IMA in 5 years.

The interactive element is based on Wieden & Kennedy’s ‘Honda Book of Help’ through-the-line campaign. Zip Television and BBC Broadcast designed and developed the animated application.

Andrew Howells, Managing Partner at Zip TV, explains the creative
thinking: “Using the existing IMA 30” TV advertisement, Honda wanted to develop an iTV campaign that provides more in-depth information: explaining the benefits of IMA technology to interested viewers. The overall objective was to provide a rewarding, fun, viewer experience by bringing the book to life on screen.”

The 30” TV advertisement will run for 3 weeks on ITV and Sky channels, with the iTV advertisement available on Sky Active.

Howells continues: “The interactive campaign is intended to be a subtle experience, focused on educating the viewers about IMA, complimenting the ‘Honda Book of Help' printed and online material. There is also a promotion to 'Win a Honda car for a Year'. This is less of a call to action and more a reward for viewers who have pressed red to find more information.”

The IMA campaign launches prior to the Zip Channel launch in June. Thompson explains, “We are keen to support the Zip channel and consortium, IMA just happened to be planned prior to launch. Future campaigns will undoubtedly be hosted on the Zip channel.

“The Zip channel will offer significant benefits to an individual advertiser, allowing us to stretch boundaries, exploring the creativity, research and shared learning available to a consortium interested in iTV advertising.”

Results from the IMA campaign will be incorporated into future Honda interactive adverts on the Zip Channel.


Editors notes

About Zip Television
Zip Television is a specialist independent interactive television company.

The company’s aim is to help shape the future of interactive television by developing new products and services that benefit its clients and support the growth of this new industry.

Zip TV has a detailed working knowledge of the iTV landscape in the UK working closely with the major broadcasters and digital platforms. The team’s skills are founded on years of interactive media and creative experience combined with data planning and analysis.

The Zip TV channel is an initiative based on a consortium of advertisers representing 40% of the TV advertising market. These advertisers are taking an active role in the development of this industry as well as share insight and learning to exploit the brand opportunities that this new medium provides.

Members include Honda, Orange, P&G, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, BT, COI and Gillette.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th April 2004