***New media monitoring product searches further, wider and deeper for an instant and complete picture of media coverage***

London, 28 April 2004 - Cogenta, a specialist in search and indexing technology, has today launched Mediawatch, a sophisticated product that monitors the web for high quality, relevant and accurately prioritised media coverage across an ever-increasing number of online news and information sites.

Mediawatch has been designed to help communications and marketing professionals who need a more thorough and time-sensitive description of what is being said about an issue, a brand or a competitor online. Mediawatch can also be used for real-time online price monitoring of products advertised and sold online, helping companies to maximise sales and profit margins.

Aimed at in-house professionals working within the marketing, PR or business development functions, Mediawatch gives users more control over the information that is monitored and gathered, compared to existing online and desktop monitoring solutions. The product's intuitive interface allows users to easily prioritise documentation that is received to their desktop PC in real time. Such instant monitoring is valuable to marketing professionals involved in the fast paced world of online news.

Mediawatch technology dramatically reduces research time by intelligently organising data from almost limitless sources as it is found. With its in-built management tools, users can save and customise searches and preset them to run any time of the day or night. Mediawatch then automatically selects the most relevant information converting it into a PDF report that can be sent to clients and colleagues.

Mediawatch uses simultaneous searching and the intelligent evaluation of web content and associated links to enable greater and more intelligent indexing and faster delivery of results. The product has the ability to search different layers of the web for relevant information. Mediawatch uses dozens of search engines to trawl the "surface web" as a starting point, before drilling down into the "deep web" - such as specialised portals, subscription sites and chat rooms - for information not picked up by regular search engines.

Douglas Orr, CEO of Cogenta, commented: "Mediawatch is a innovative product that gives users greater control over the information that they want to monitor, analyse and distribute. Our exclusive four-dimensional search technology allows users to find information online that cannot be found through a regular search engine. As a result organisations can dramatically reduce the number of man-hours they need to devote to online research. Mediawatch provides a real-time and comprehensive picture of coverage, whether it is on a particular person, company or competitor. You can be confident that if a story is out there, our search technology is more than likely to find it".

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About Cogenta
The Cogenta Corporation is headquartered in the UK. Cogenta solutions are based on a rich set of technologies developed over the last 15 years, by acknowledged leaders in the field of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence. Today's Cogenta products are built around Microsoft's .NET architecture to maximise integration and interoperability.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 28th April 2004