***New Features Streamline Rich Media Production and Deployment***

LONDON – April 29, 2004 – Eyeblaster, the leader in rich media advertising content and delivery, continues to extend the capabilities of its Rich Media Platform with the introduction of an enhanced Creative Spec Database and a Creative Validation tool that enables agencies to pre-test ads against creative specs before submitting to publishers. The new release also has numerous other enhancements designed to set new standards for rich media deployment.

The database, accessible exclusively through the Eyeblaster Platform, contains complete rich media creative specifications for Eyeblaster-enabled publishers including dimensions, file sizes, format specific functionality, and unique publisher requirements for all accepted formats.

Ian Thomson, Campaign Manager, i-level noted: “When developing rich media ads, one of the challenges is keeping track of creative specs. The 'lowest common denominator' and ad validation tools will definitely save us time when compiling and cross-checking specs and will help ensure our clients' campaigns run smoothly. In addition, enhancements in the campaign set-up process will make it easier for us to manage large campaigns with multiple flights and help guarantee 'Rich Media' activity is managed more efficiently."

The creative database comes with a validation tool that enables media planners and creative designers to compare an ad’s creative execution against the specs of their entire media plan, site by site or all at once, detailing any conflicts, before submitting the ad to the publisher. The powerful combination of the database and the validation tool streamlines the process of ad development and approval, eliminating costly mistakes and delays in the production and approval process.

Gavin Bell, Account Director at Dare is enthusiastic about the new features: "One of the main reasons for campaigns going out late is last minute rejections and amends required by publishers. Now we can feel confident that once an ad is submitted for publisher approval, there will be no further amends - the validation tool lets us know beforehand if we’re out of spec”

Publishers are also upbeat about the new release which allows them to define creative specifications across their entire network - including subsections – and maintain the accuracy of these specs in real time.

"Yahoo! is very excited to use Eyeblaster 5.5. Ease of operation is critical for us and the new Spec Database will help keep publishers and clients on the same page,” said Martin Price Ad Technology Manager at Yahoo! Europe. “Additionally, allowing the Eyeblaster tool to check creative against specifications shortens the production cycle and enables us to serve more high efficiency units."

In addition to the creative spec database, the improved Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform features a new interface design and several other tools that ease creating and deploying rich media ads.

Eyeblaster has introduced “Quick Flighting” which allows for the addition, modification or duplication of flights with the click of a button. Planners can also import 3rd party tracking URLs from Excel, automatically updating all tracking information across the entire campaign.

“As rich media becomes more intricate, and media plans grow larger, the industry needs a solution that is both easy to use and scalable,” explained Yoav Arnstein, VP of International Business Development at Eyeblaster. “With the improved platform, we have taken the initiative to make it as easy as possible to build large campaigns, across multiple sites in a bid to cut down the campaign deployment cycle."

All of the new features, and more, have been activated on April 19, 2004. Current users will automatically have access to the improved platform.

About Eyeblaster
Eyeblaster is the global leader in rich media ad technology and the provider of the Eyeblaster Rich Media Platform. Eyeblaster provides online advertisers and publishers with the first single technology solution to create, deliver, and manage all rich media formats through one online administrative platform. The Eyeblaster platform is the only product that gives the user 100% control without relying on a ‘middleman vendor’ anywhere in the campaign process. Eyeblaster is the only rich media technology provider accepted system-wide by AOL, MSN and Yahoo, and its customers include over 400 advertising agencies and 1,000 publishers/networks worldwide. Eyeblaster, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Sydney, with product development facilities in Israel. Learn more at www.eyeblaster.com.

Published on: 12:00AM on 29th April 2004