***New research proves affiliate marketing sector has come of age - and it is good news for publishers***

E-consultancy’s “Affiliate Marketing – A Buyer’s Guide”, published today, projects £500-£600 million of total sales generated through the UK affiliate networks for 2004. This represents at least double the affiliate turnover compared with 2003 and with the IMRG forecasting £17bn worth of e-commerce sales in the UK for 2004, affiliate marketing will account for up to 3.5% of total UK e-commerce sales.

“The only surprising thing about market growth in affiliate marketing is that it hasn’t grown even faster,” Nicky Iapino, Chief Operating Officer, dealgroupmedia

The research reveals that currently the most active sectors for affiliate marketing are the adult, gambling and retail sectors. These will continue to experience heavy investment in affiliate marketing. However, over 2004, the three sectors expected to experience the greatest growth in affiliate marketing are the mobile phone, finance (particularly insurance) and travel sectors. Hot on the heels of these are the entertainment (particularly gaming) and internet-related services (particularly broadband) sectors.

Over 2004 it will continue to be the big brands that lead the way in terms of total spend on affiliate marketing. SMEs are increasingly getting involved in affiliate marketing but do not always have the resources or expertise available to run an ongoing program.

“We see the dynamic in the development of affiliate marketing as being very similar to what has happened with search engine marketing. There are the smaller early adopters, followed by increasing spend from the big brands, and then finally the affiliate solution providers will focus on the SME and B2B markets as other areas become more saturated,” says Ashley Friedlein, CEO, E-consultancy.

The key trend for affiliate marketing in 2004 will be the increased integration of affiliate marketing into the overall marketing mix. Currently affiliate marketing’s contribution to merchants is typically measured simply in terms of the value of additional sales delivered. Within a year affiliate marketing will be judged not just for the quantity of sales it can deliver, but the longer term value it delivers and its efficiency of marketing spend.

“Affiliate Marketing – A Buyer’s Guide” contains extensive information on how to set up and run a successful affiliate marketing program as well as detailed profiles of all the leading UK affiliate solution providers. The full paid-for report can be downloaded from http://www.e-consultancy.com/publications/affiliate-marketing-buyers-guide/. Individual subscribers pay just £99 per year to access the full range of exclusive content featured on E-consultancy. A free sample of the report can be downloaded which includes market data and trends as well as an overview of the leading affiliate solution providers operating in the UK.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th May 2004