***Where do you go when you want to find the latest figures on consumer broadband adoption, or internet penetration in major UK cities, or search trends, or average order values among e-commerce businesses…?***

Up-to-date internet market stats can be hard to find, so London-based internet marketing publisher E-consultancy (http://www.e-consultancy.com) has created a comprehensive report containing a wide range of internet statistics that will help marketers back up their ideas with hard facts.

Containing a wealth of publicly-available and proprietary market data, collated into a single source, the Internet Statistics Compendium (http://www.e-consultancy.com/publications/internet-stats-compendium/) is aimed at anybody that needs stats, benchmarks, B2B and B2C internet usage data, online / offline media consumption trends and so on. In total, the internet statistics report includes more than 1,000 stats from around 80 sources.

It is the ideal business development tool for agencies, vendors and in-house teams – marketers should support pitches, proposals and presentations with the latest data.

E-consultancy created a framework for the internet statistics report and meticulously tracked down the latest online market data across the following subject areas:

• Internet usage and demographics
• E-commerce
• Internet marketing
• Multichannel marketing
• Site performance and user technology
• Mobile – UK market data
• Interactive TV – UK market data

Each of the above subject areas is sub-divided, allowing marketers to drill-down into specific internet facts and figures. The guide will be updated every quarter, to maintain relevancy and the quality of the data.

E-consultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein said: “Finding up-to-date online stats can be tricky when you’re pushed for time. We’ve had many requests from our subscribers for this sort of thing, so the Internet Statistics Compendium should be a big help.”

E-consultancy’s 83-page Internet Statistics Compendium (http://www.e-consultancy.com/publications/internet-stats-compendium/) is free for subscribers, or retails separately for £99. A sample for non-subscribers is also available from the above address.

Contact: Chris Lake, editor: chris@e-consultancy.com


About E-consultancy:

E-consultancy is the UK’s leading online publisher of best practice internet marketing reports, research and how-to guides. It also publishes buyer’s guides and has a directory of 100,000+ third party internet marketing white papers.

Since moving to a paid-content model in 2003 E-consultancy has amassed thousands of paying subscribers, around 30,000 registered users and generates 100,000 unique site sessions per month. Its weekly newsletter is sent to 15,500 users.

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E-consultancy has around 70 events lined up for 2005, including roundtables and monthly ‘Supplier Showcases’, where six suppliers pitch to an audience of pre-qualified buyers (typically between 100-200) in a Central London venue. E-consultancy also provides a range of in-house training programmes, such as seminars and workshops.

Published on: 12:00AM on 18th March 2005