E-consultancy, www.e-consultancy.com, has seen the number of new media agencies and consultants in its definitive directory surge past 2,000 for the first time in three years.

Ashley Friedlein, internet author, consultant and CEO of e-consultancy, attributes this growth to the rapid increase in the number of smaller and regional agencies and consultancies in the last six months:

“We’re fast approaching 2,500 new media agencies and consultants in our Directory. In the last years the number has hovered between 1,500–2,000, but since spring this year we have seen a record rise in the number of regional agencies as well as smaller, more specialized agencies and consultancies. Many larger agencies have broken up, creating smaller splinter groups and continuing regional demand has supported the proliferation of agencies outside London.”

E-consultancy’s UK New Media Agencies & Consultants Directory claims to be the most comprehensive free resource of its kind. E-consultancy has recently made the entire directory available as a 180page PDF which can be downloaded (from http://www.e-consultancy.com/in/directory) and printed for free. This printable version follows the success of the online directory which in the last three months has been used by over 8,000 professionals, generating over 30,000 separate views of agency details and over 2,000 referrals.

The directory is regularly reviewed and updated for accuracy and currency by a dedicated content team. Companies can edit their listing for free via the site and over 300 agencies have done so in the last quarter alone. The print version is automatically updated every 3 months from the online directory.

A paid-for enhanced listings service has recently been added to capitalise on the Directory’s popularity and help agencies and consultants bring in new business. The service includes sophisticated reporting features allowing clients to see which companies have been viewing their listing on the e-consultancy site. Clients already using the service include Hitwise, Box UK, Special Moves, Site Intelligence, WhiteCross Systems, Business2www, QiQ and Greenlight.

Comments on the directory:
“We’ve used e-consultancy’s Directory to help draw up supplier short lists for our interactive development work on a number of occasions. The online version is powerful in that it allows advanced searches (by client, to see who has worked for whom, for example) but the print version has the added advantage of being easier to browse.”
David Robertson, Program Manager, Autoglass

Notes to Editors:

- e-consultancy (www.e-consultancy.com) is an online and offline service for UK e-business professionals providing access to the best e-business information and advice. E-consultancy derives its revenues both online, through advertising and directory services, and offline, through consulting engagements.

- e-consultancy was founded in 2000 by internet author and consultant Ashley Friedlein and Matthew O’Riordan.

- e-consultancy has 25,000+ pages of content and over 8,000 registered users, 30% of whom are CEOs, Directors or Senior Management.

For more information contact Tim Gibbon on 07930 375663 or 020 8586 5767 or e-consultancy@elementalpr.co.uk

Published on: 12:00AM on 3rd December 2002