In a survey published today in Real Business magazine Amplefuture have been ranked one of the UK's fastest growing privately owned firms.

Established in 1995 as a mobile content provider, Amplefuture has a seen a steady 9-year growth period with significant development over the last 4 years resulting in an increase in salesby 84.9% to £16.1m.

The survey, called the Vantis/Real Business Hot 100, ranks the UK's 100 fastest-growing private firms by sales-turnover growth over a four-year period and is sponsored by national accounting and business advisory firm, Vantis.

The key to Amplefuture’s fundamental business is it’s rapid response technology and investment in R&D coupled with the ability to provide end-to-end solutions to the likes of AOL, MSN, Freeserve, BMG and BSkyB.

Using this approach Amplefuture’s success story boasts several first-to-market products including ‘Your Top-Up’ on Sky Active, the UK’S first TV based pre-paid top-up mobile service (February 2003) and the delivery of the first commercial cross network MMS for the 4th series of Big Brother (May 2003).

Using this approach Amplefuture’s continuing success stories includes the launch of ‘Your Top-Up’ through Sky Active, the TV based mobile top-up service (February 2003) and the delivery of the first commercial cross network MMS for the 4th series of Big Brother (May 2003).

Derek Byrne, Amplefutures Managing Director comments, “We are pleased with this recognition, our compelling technology and fast time to market has enabled us to stay at the forefront of the market and reap the benefits of working with top brands like BMG, Sky, MSN and AOL”.

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About Amplefuture Ltd

Amplefuture Ltd is an international provider of premium rate services and mobile entertainment solutions to ISPs, mobile operators, digital television operators, media owners and retailers. Drawing upon extensive content aggregation, billing and delivery experience, Amplefuture uses in-house expertise to build integrated, white-labelled solutions that meet each client’s needs.

In business for over 8 years, Amplefuture’s clients include AOL, MSN, Freeserve, The Link, Tiscali, Phones 4u, BMG and BSkyB.

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Notes to Editors

1. The Hot 100 is sponsored by Vantis. Vantis plc is the AIM listed accounting and business advisory group that specialises in helping business people improve the performance of their businesses.

2. Real Business is the award-winning publication for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. It has a circulation of 44,058.

3. Source: The data for the Hot 100 was exported from the Jordans database on 7 January 2004. Data interpretation, analysis, research, interviews and fact checking was conducted by a team of expert researchers and Real Business journalists.

4. The Hot 100 rules are:

• Firms must show profits in the latest accounts.

• Firms must start our four-year qualifying period with a minimum turnover of £250,000. That's to make sure the ranking isn't skewed by the mega-growth that start-ups are bound to see when they start from zero.

• Firms can't be a quoted company. Companies that have listed on the main market since their latest figures are included.

• Firms can't be a subsidiary. However, firms that are technically subsidiaries but which are, in reality, trading separately, are included.

• Firms have to be actively in business.

• Any company to which Jordans couldn't assign a credit rating or could not assess its net worth was omitted.

• Firms most recently filed accounts have to be within the past two years.

• Firms can't have a turnover rise of more than 600 per cent in any one year to prevent skewing from restructuring.

A complete listing of this year’s Hot 100 is available as PDF file, or available fr

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th March 2004