Enpocket, the leading mobile marketing solutions provider, has signed a licensing deal with the rising Japanese mobile advertisement company, Japan Mobile Communications (J-Mobile) to provide the Enpocket Engine for Vodafone K.K's mobile Internet ad serving, campaign management and reporting.

Through the deal J-Mobile (co-owned by Vodafone K.K. and Cyber Communications Inc.) is using the Enpocket Engine to produce the various media products and to deliver different types of advertisements to 12.8 million Vodafone K.K. mobile Internet users.

The deal demonstrates the global reach and range of services now provided by the Enpocket Engine, which provides comprehensive mobile messaging and mobile Internet ad management solutions. Enpocket clients who licence or use the services on an ASP basis range from major carriers such as Orange, Vodafone and Radiolinja to a wide array of premier brands such as Nike, Fox, Sony and McDonalds in US, Europe, and Asia.

"The Enpocket Engine has proven to be the most advanced and reliable technology in the marketplace for serving timely, relevant content to our 12.8 million users. Mobile advertising needs to be tightly targeted to each user's interest to deliver the best consumer value and returns for marketers. The rich feature-set of the Enpocket Engine is enabling us to generate very significant ad revenues from our services, with our customers spending longer periods online," said Hiroto Yamazaki (President) and Ichiro T. Jinnai (Executive Vice-President), J-Mobile.

The user-friendly Enpocket Engine interface allows J-Mobile to regulate its advertising inventory and deliver the ads, tracking individual hit-rates and even monitoring when a user makes a voice call direct from a banner ad to request for more information.

"The work we are doing for not only J-Mobile but also Vodafone in the world's most advanced mobile market is testament to the scalability and robust design of the Enpocket Engine. While Japan is leading the way in terms of usage, markets like the US and UK are catching up quickly; the UK saw over 1.2 billion mobile Internet page impressions in January," said Jonathon Linner, CEO, Enpocket.


About Enpocket:
Enpocket's consumer-driven mobile solutions make marketing more effective. The heart of the offering is the Enpocket Engine, the world's most widely used wireless marketing software. The brain of the system is Enpocket Insight, the richest source of actionable consumer data from campaigns and general mobile usage in the marketplace. Using both, Enpocket Solutions - from advertising to promotions and relationship marketing - optimize relevance and response so that a low cost wireless contact strategy can improve performance across all media channels. Mobile can enhance any marketing program, whether driving sales, developing loyalty or saving costs. To learn more see www.enpocket.com. Enpocket has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, London and Helsinki.

Enpocket clients include: Levi's, Nike, McDonalds, Orange, BBC, Volvo, HSBC, Radiolinja, NHS, Turner, Vodafone, Fox, ESPN, ABC, Honda, Sony, Universal Pictures, Expedia, Sonera Zed, Warner Brothers, T-Mobile, Cadbury's, Coca-Cola, P&G, JCPenney, KFC, O2, Doritos, Mobileway, HP, Fidelity, GM, CompUSA and Mastercard.

Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd March 2004