emuse technologies releases its revolutionary iTV authoring tool Modelstream® Plan, the most recent product in its iTV authoring suite, at MiPTV/MILIA today. For the first time ever, a ground breaking, mass-market iTV authoring tool is available at a viable price point for everyone from an independent designer to a major broadcaster to work with interactive applications.

Modelstream® Plan is the only tool that is designed for use exclusively by creative professionals. It is now possible to put together an entire interactive application, pitch the application and dramatically reduce the commissioning process by employing only the skill set needed for visual design.

Modelstream® Plan is a turning point for interactive television, offering the creative community the power to produce and pitch visually innovative, sophisticated interactive ideas. Using Modelstream® Plan allows those interactive ideas to emerge at low cost. Modelstream® Plan enables interactive concepts to be presented easily, and for those concepts to be used to excite and attract a substantial and loyal audience.

Modelstream® Plan has the power to revolutionise the interactive television production process and enable the long awaited, compelling, cost effective 24x7 interactive TV experience.

The release of Modelstream® Plan follows last week’s announcement of an agreement with emuse and OpenTV and is part of the overall initiative.

These developments see emuse technologies rapidly expanding to new territories with new hires. In order to accommodate the growing demand for the Modelstream® suite of products offices have been opened in London and in Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles. emuse already have offices in Tokyo and Dublin from where much of the development takes place.

Following international deals in Europe, Australia and Asia as well as some key developments in the US including Open TV, emuse have also employed a number of new top rate executives on both the business and engineering side to assist in the rapid deployment of the product range. This brings the staff number to approx 70 working out of the 5 premises.

“The emuse vision has always been to put control of the iTV authoring process in the hands of creatives” comments emuse ceo Patrick Rainsford, “Modelstream® Plan will further enhance our commitment to secure international understanding of the company vision and given the response we are already receiving I believe that we are well on the way to achieving that goal.”

About emuse technologies
Dublin-based emuse technologies was founded in 1998 by serial entrepreneur Patrick Rainsford to develop a suite of enabling technologies to service the burgeoning global interactive television market. Five years on emuse has succeeded in creating, developing and patenting those technologies. The company now employs 70 people and has built a world beating team of software, media, business and technology experts with offices in Dublin, London, and Tokyo and LA. www.emusetechnologies.com

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Published on: 12:00AM on 30th March 2004