Future Now, Inc., the Conversion Rate Specialists, today announced it will offer conversion optimization based on the power of WebTrends® 7, providing customers website redesigns based on Persuasion Architecture. Persuasion Architecture is a patent pending persona-based business process for creating websites that must serve many diverse types of customers, prospects, and visitors. Utilizing Persuasion Architecture's proprietary tools and processes a website is designed with metrics upfront and optimized for every persona to be persuaded, based on their own needs, without sacrificing the needs of other personas.

WebTrends 7 will provide a more-complete view of Web results through an intuitive, interactive solution that is highly integrated with a business users work environment, making Web analytics more accessible company-wide for accelerated return on investment. WebTrends 7 will be available as software and as WebTrends 7 On Demand, a hosted Web analysis service.

“To make it easier for Marketers to understand what actions to take and increase their conversion rates, web analytics must be more intuitive. With the new WebTrends SmartView feature, WebTrends 7 has taken visual analysis to a whole new level, making it easier than ever for you to see your web results in context to the pages, paths and scenarios on your web site,” said Bryan Eisenberg, Principal, FutureNow, Inc.

The WebTrends Insight Network (W.I.N.) is a global group of leading web agencies and consultancies that develop best practices for their customers using WebTrends Web analytics solutions. The W.I.N. aims to create additional revenue and market opportunities for member agencies that seek to expand their expertise in web analytics. W.I.N. members provide clients with strategic web design and performance measurement and analysis, and WebTrends provides members with WebTrends certified professional training and support.

“Future Now, Inc. is an expert in optimizing conversions so they are invaluable to any business that has Web initiatives,” said Greg Drew, senior vice president and general manager of the WebTrends business unit at NetIQ. “With its use of WebTrends analytics, and soon with WebTrends 7, FutureNow holds a competitive advantage over its competition, to increase conversions and help our mutual customers accelerate ROI.”

Press Contact: Bryan Eisenberg
Company Name: FUTURE NOW, INC.
Email: bryane@futurenowinc.com
Phone: 877-643-7244
Website: http://www.futurenowinc.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 6th April 2004