avecho announces the release of licences for ThreatCENSOR, avecho’s positive security technology that provides 98% protection from all viruses, Trojans, worms and exploits. When run alongside GlassWALL, avecho’s zero-day anti-virus technology, the two products combine to offer 100% per cent protection.

The technology can be embedded anywhere, from software applications to firmware and silicon. ThreatCENSOR protects against known and unknown threats without the need for updates and downloads.

Nick Scales, CEO of avecho said, ‘ThreatCENSOR is small and fast enough for any licensee to implement it not only in servers, like traditional protection, but also in routers, modems, network cards and mobile devices. It offers best of breed threat management, combining policy management, behaviour recognition, application firewall and content filtering techniques with the added refinement of understanding how individuals and businesses communicate.’

The server versions of ThreatCENSOR and GlassWALL have been proven in a real world environment since 2002. The two products have been running within the avecho.com email service providing customers of MailCENTER with total protection from threats including phishing emails, Mimail, SoBig, MyDoom and the Bagle worms.

ThreatCENSOR’s security model is unique in providing refinements that not only make policy based threat management more effective, but also remove the disruption that often occurs with other positive security and policy systems. ThreatCENSOR is almost transparent when first installed and minimises any negative impact while providing true security. It offers self-learning policy and behaviour recognition system which allows a business to refine policies simply and painlessly.

Licences are available directly from avecho. The technology is not processor or operating system specific, can run on any platform and can deal with data and communications in any environment. All the features of ThreatCENSOR including quarantine, isolation and confinement can be implemented within a network card or router, as well as server applications such as email, web proxy and instant messaging.

For further information please contact:

Joanna Burton
PR Manager
tel: 01206 247 164
email: Joanna.Burton@avecho.net

Nick Scales
tel: 01206 247 164
mobile: 07733 228 092

Published on: 12:00AM on 7th April 2004