Vividas’ video streaming technology has brought high quality full screen video online in a campaign devised by advertising agency Ogilvy for their client IBM.

Vividas’ technology has enabled a two minute 16 seconds TV spot to be run online in the UK, France and Germany. The TV spot is accessed from banners currently appearing on technology sites such as Computer Weekly, 01 and Zdnet.

Audrey Bouissac and Xavier Renart, Interactive Consultants at Ogilvy in Paris, said “We wanted to use a traditional TV spot as part of an on-line campaign in Europe targeted to a specific audience. The quality and potential impact of the spot is important and small screen delivery would not be satisfactory or deliver the experience we required. The Ogilvy EMEA team used Vividas’ video streaming successfully on a recent campaign for IBM and again partnered with them to bring a long duration commercial online full-screen, in all it’s glory – to the delight of our client.”

Vividas’ Chief Executive, Geoffrey Hamilton-Jones, said “Vividas’ technology is able to extend the reach of traditional TV campaigns to a specific market, add value to banners ads and create a more engaging and immersive experience for a targeted audience."

The campaign, currently running in the UK, France and Germany started on October 24th and will support IBM systems leadership.

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Vividas Group plc trades on the AIM facility on the London Stock Exchange.

Vividas Group plc is a developer and provider of video streaming technology and related products, which enable straightforward playback on personal computers of full screen, high quality video via discs or over networks, including the Internet, normally without requiring software installation. Vividas proprietary technology overcomes the disadvantages of competing CD and streaming market solutions. These competing technologies typically offer only partial screen, or poor quality full screen, viewing and generally require the user either to have or to install specialist player software.

Vividas soft launched in Australia in October 2004 and in the UK in March 2005, and has attracted an impressive number of leading global clients who use Vividas as part of their online marketing, employee and corporate communications as well in the entertainment sector.

Clients include: Deloitte, Foster’s Group, Jaguar, Nike, Ogilvy & Mather, Rip Curl, Unilever and United International Pictures (UIP).

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th November 2005